Financial management support


Do you have a hurdle to overcome ? We draw upon our experience in financial management firms to help you in the key moments of your company’s life.

Is your organisation going through a challenging experience such as a complex project to manage, a transformation or managerial breakdown?

We offer a flexible solution and the skills of top experts adapted to your needs.

Caletré can provide a transition manager and operational support to help successfully complete of your projects:

  • Change of accounting tools or ERP,
  • Management during periods of high workload or of crisis ;
  • Restructuring (merger, LBO, spin off, etc.)
  • Support with administrative and accounting procedures
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Are you interested in developing your business in France ? Our expertise and our support in English will make communication easy and ensure a speedy set up.

Given the constant evolution of the accounting, tax, social and legal framework in France, it is essential to choose the right expert to create your subsidiary or branch in France

Caletré can help you ensure that your activities conform to French regulations. Together we will define a scope of works according to your needs, the size of your local entity and the type of organisation you would like :

  • Bookkeeping, compilation,
  • Financial report creation and management,
  • Tax assistance,
  • Payroll management,
  • HR support,
  • Cash Flow management,
  • Assistance for innovative projects (Research Tax Credit, Innovative Enterprise status, Innovation Tax Credit, financing, etc.).
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Financial Accounting Advisory Services


Accounting is our profession. A profession which we practice with you, by your side. We provide you with our know-how to unblock complex situations or break through administrative barriers.

We work on accounting, taxation, social and legal projects:

  • Management of accounting and the revision of your accounts,
  • Assistance with the dematerialization of your administration and accounting processes,
  • Creation of a collaborative customer portal allowing direct access to your accounts,
  • Tax management of your organization,
  • Support with Human Resources operations management and social regulatory obligations of company management (provision of a collaborative payroll tool),
  • Analysis of the best legal status for your company (creation or evolution of the organisation) and management of end of year administrative requirements.
  • Assistance for innovative projects (Research Tax Credit, Innovative Enterprise status, Innovation Tax Credit, financing, etc.)
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Financial Evaluation and Modelling


Do you have a transaction in sight? As independent experts, our personalized and multi-criteria approach will allow you to obtain a fair estimate of the value of your company or asset.

We provide customized approach adapted to your transactions:

  • Valuation before a transaction,
  • Assistance with acquisitions,
  • Measurement of the financial and operational performance of your company,
  • Construction or review of configurable and flexible financial models.

An independent third-party report is an indispensable tool that will enhance the credibility of your project.

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Support from experienced, independent professionals who can act quickly helps limit your exposure to internal fraud and avoid possible traps or adverse impact on your organisation.

Misappropriation of assets, corruption, litigation due to breach of contract and financial disagreements following transfers or acquisitions can all happen during the life of your organisation.

In these situations, we can support you both in technical analysis and in communication with the various stakeholders.

We also help you implement the preventive and corrective measures necessary to strengthen your internal control system and to reduce the risk of fraud.

The services we offer include:

  • Fraud awareness training,
  • Review and analysis of your current anti-fraud organisation and processes,
  • Forensic, compliance and anti-bribery due diligence,
  • Operational assistance and investigative work in cases of alleged fraud.