Company directors, entrepreneurs, and managers must focus on the development and management of their business. They need a partner by their side who can support them in making important decisions that are in the interest of their company.

We can be this partner.

We want to be with you for every step in the life of your business. From the planning stages to potential sale/transfer.

We would then be able to follow your long term development, to advise you without delay on taxation, legal or social solutions, and adapt these solutions to the needs and the growth of your business, bringing you the security you require.


• Develop your idea

• Set up your company


• Prepare your application for finance

• Find the right partner

Drive your project

Set up:  

• management indicators 

• dashboards
• Accounting systems


• Control and define your growth (internal / external) 

• Evaluate your business


• Predict difficulties
• Optimise growth


• Sell/Transfer your business

• Prepare for your retirement

Our backgrounds, our experience

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